12/28/2008 Century Song

Today we listened the South Indian violin duo, Krshnan and Vijaya Lalgudi. It was the first part of a live concert for the Indian Music Society of Minnesota. The concert was from 30 March, 2008 and was recorded and edited by Dan Rein.

The second hour began with music from the Kings of Polka from Finland (Go). The group included Anti Jarvela, known for his work with Frigg and JPP. That was followed by classical music from Sunda (World Music Library), and then the Turkish gypsy group, the Barbaros Erkose Ensemble (Golden Horn Records), followed by Breton singer, Erik Marchand and Les Balkaniks (Chante du Monde), Then a track from local string man, Greg Herriges off of his latest recording, Telluric Currents (New Folk Records), then music from La Musgana of Spain (Mad River0, then a track from Donegal fiddler, Frank Cassidy, followed by the Kanaks of New Caledonia in the South Pacific (Le Chante du Monde), then Irish flute player Harry Bradley (Outlet), and the show was finished off with German folk rock group, Ougenweide (Bear).

12/28/2008 Songs Of Praise

Sunday music to live and worship to!

12/27/2008 Strictly Butter
12/27/2008 RSE Radio
12/27/2008 Temposphere

Adieu, L’Annee Affreuse!

12/27/2008 Sangam
12/27/2008 Caribbean Jam


12/27/2008 Good 'N Country
12/27/2008 Sabados Alegres
12/27/2008 Mostly Jazz

Happy New Year