Hosts: Dixie Treichel & John Townsend

Guests: Romanovsky & Phillips, Tina Cotterman, Carlyle Brown, Gerry Giourard

GUEST HOST: Lydia Howell(prducer-host of KFAI’s CATALYST:politics & culture on THURSDAYS 9 AM)

Music from Rob (Ghana, ’70s), Witch (Zambia, ’70s), I.K. Dairo (Nigeria, ’90s) and Karantamba (The Gambia, ’80s) was mixed with contemporary efforts from Chicha Libre, Congo Sanchez, Afrolicious and others on today’s African Rhythms.

Update on the Minneapolis case of CeCe MacDonald an African-American transwoman who was assaulted by three white strangers, defended herself and now faces murder charges.

4/19 in a nutshell…
The runaway highlight of this week’s RSST has got to be yours truly making a complete monkey out of myself mis-remembering the night “Live from Studio 5” airs… and repeatedly! ‘5’ comes on Wednesday night before “In Your Ear”, NOT Thursday night before “Voice Cried Softly”! A little parallel timestream seepage while wide-awake dreaming, perhaps… anyway, skassengers were exposed to “Ska from Studio 5”, Mutant Frogs’ gift to Doug The Thug and his merry band of mischief-makers, holding forth as they do every Wednesday night 10:-mid. before Angie hits the airwaves. The GotchaSKAllipop was dubbed live on the Echo Chamber by d.j. babyswiss and slightly re-dubbed by Cozy here on RSST, and a Russian theme dominated the 4(+1)@4. Sherwood caught Lounge Disco Fever, and the “Ooh” actually premiered the “Ska from Studio 5” in custom bumper-timed edit form, henceforth known as “CBTE”. We needed more alphabet soup around here, anyway…

More music of Paco de Lucia, and more conversation with Susana di Palma about her latest flamenco theater work, Zorro.

We have Daniel Topete joining us for his debut, so we’re gonna see how there los angelenos get down!