No interviews today…just the blues, the whole blues and nothin’ but the blues.

Live Interview with Meg Hutchinson!

Musica de Cuba!

Spin with Cyn birthday show – I spun several favorite songs and artists from childhood on.

Turning it up to 11 for this week’s Nigel Tufnel Day! And Liberty loves Gram…celebrating Cecil Ingram Connor III, born Nov 5, 1946. Plus, Ray Davies, Beach Boys, Rickie Lee Jones, Dave Clark Five and more.

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Barbara McIntyre and Kristin Burich – Colon Hydro Therapy and Energy Medicine

Health Notes addressed the important conversation of combining colon hydrotherapy with energy medicine.

This important conversation provided an in-depth definition about what both disciplines are and how they work together.

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BIRTHDAYS-IN-BLUE From the Land of the Round Haircut and more…..