1/8/2009 Collective Eye

Program hosted by Akhmiri Sekhra-Ra.

1/8/2009 Fresh Fruit

Hosts: Leigh Combs Roxanne Anderson

1/8/2009 Art Matters
1/8/2009 Blueslady's Time Machine
1/8/2009 African Rhythms
1/8/2009 Write On Radio!

Thursday, January 8th, spoken word artist Dessa joins us in the studio to talk about her first book, a collection of prose and poetry called Spiral Bound.

In the second half of the show Dessa, Matthew Rucker, and Jennifer Dodgson join us to talk about the Loft Inroads program, which has an upcoming deadline of January 23rd.

1/8/2009 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
1/8/2009 The Rockhouse

What we should really say about the Rockhouse’s menu is that we play blues, RB, soul AND Elvis. Enjoy a heavy heling of the King as we celebrate the anniversary of his birth on this edition of the show. Also, a birthday set for Little Anthony, newly discovered music by pianist Vince Guaraldi, a sampling of the new Roscoe Robinson reissue disc and New Orleans music in recognition of the beginning of Mardi Gras season.

1/8/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
1/8/2009 In Your Ear

RIP Ron Asheton