5/17/2009 Bonjour Minnesota
5/17/2009 Filipino American National News
5/17/2009 Wave Project

Writers’ Reject Stack
Writer Terry Faust and guests share struggles and aspirations of fiction writers in their efforts to be published and recognized. Short readings of writers’ works will be presented also.

5/17/2009 Encuentro

“Fados y fadistas”. Un programa dedicado íntegramente al fado portugués. La segunda media hora incluye algunas selecciones del “soundtrack” de la película “Fados” de Carlos Saura.

Play List:

5/17/2009 Womenfolk

2009 Summer Preview Special!

5/17/2009 Century Song

During the first hour we listened to music Kurdistan, Iran. During the second we live guests, Steve Kaul and Mikkel Beckman of the Brass Kings.

5/17/2009 Songs Of Praise

This is fantastic wake up gospel for all worshippers!

5/16/2009 Strictly Butter
5/16/2009 RSE Radio

DJ King Otto

5/16/2009 Temposphere

Psychic Borderland Mix