4 Hours of Corazon Latino!

DJ Ryan Bouchey joined me on Spin with Cyn today – we spun favorites from ’60s garage to ’70s psychedelic, to obscure ’90s, to favorite sci-fi themes, with some familiar nuggets and best local bands.

Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy celebrate Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon with a hefty dose of Chinese pop. Plus, cuts from Mickey Murray and the incomparable Ms Etta James, birthday jams for rockers Robin Zander and Eddie Van Halen, and new, not-yet-released tracks from the Plimsouls’ “Beach Town Confidential.” Don’t miss it!

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Jackie Red Woman

Jackie “Red Woman” Lindow talked with Kinshasha about her history, the history of her people, the secret of the Medicine Wheel and being a Fire Starter.

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A tribute this week to the great Johnny Otis.

Johnny, the Town Tamer, a pulp western by L. Ron Hubbard, has a cattle trail rider finding a town owned and ruthlessly run by one man.
And we’ll follow with some short stories produced by Yuri Rasovsky, one of the best audio dramatists of the last 40 years, who passed away this week.