The ’80s in The Netherlands, Germany, Australia and the UK

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Guys, Guns, Dolls and Danger – but not necessarily in that order.

Collectors Corner: Ginja Strikes Back!

When Not Being Stupid Is Not Enough!!

A Very Special Anniversary show celebrating 5-Years of Kinda Cloudy Radio on KFAI!!! Lots of Shout-outs & Giveaways, with plenty of raw soul music in between… featuring tracks by MFSB, Iron Knowledge Band, Billy Mack, Hamilton Movement, Liz McCall, Sisters Love, Clive Bradley, Freddie McKay, Ophelia, Merchant, J Hines & The Fellows, The Rhythm Masters, & many more…

Along with the segment dedicated to Chavela Vargas, this program presents music from Nicaragua and Venezuela, Alfredo Zitarrosa, from Uruguay, and marimba music from Guatemala, Chiapas and Oaxaca. The literature segment presents examples from the “lírica gauchesca” and “payador” traditions.

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