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Internationally Recognized Naturopath Chris Morris

Chris Morris is an internationally recognized naturopathic physician, author, cleric and business leader. Realizing that he wanted to find a way to serve humanity in a more profound way, Chris entered the field of alternative medicine in 1983 after a career as a professional athlete and business executive.

Chris brings a unique perspective to healing and personal growth with his degree in mathematics and physics along with his 30 year study of metaphysics and personal development.

Chris talked about moving from a linear model of healing to a heart model – following the flow of nature and eating with nature for wellness. Another important Health Notes Conversation.

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It’s the Kick-Off of KFAI ROCKS!!! – - – a weeklong celebration of three chords and musical truisms….Uno, Dos, One, Two Three, Cuatro!

This week’s playlist.

Bus 13B To Hell, a cautionary tale from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre in Dublin, Ireland.

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