KJJO Tribute

Steely gives us a flavorful taste of what to expect at the next Worldwide Discotheque party in Minneapolis. Featuring Cumbia, Salsa, Latin Funk, Island Funk, Afro Beat, & Afro Disco all on vinyl, including tracks from Mandinga, Tempo 70, Malamanya, Orquestra Hermanos Flores, Myriam Makenwa, Wganda Kenya, William Onyeabor, Ophelia, Carlos Malcolm, Pazy & The Black Hippies Band, The Revolution of St Vincent, Cloud 7, & many more…

This program presents music from the Andes, some Latin American female voices and songs from the Sephardic Jewish tradition. In the literature segment, Julio Cortazar, from Argentina, reads “Torito”, one of his best known texts.

Play List

HOST: Leigh Combs
Live in the studio in the second half of the show The Roe Family Singers !! <3 ~ they are playing in the Bluegrass benefit for Minnesota Family’s United ~ on Sept. 12th 6:30-10pm at All God’s parking lot — 31st & Park avenue

Adam Kaplan, Big Tent Jobs

Danny and Whitney of Secret Stash Records stopped by with tracks from an upcoming reissue of a rare late 70s Nigerian gem by Pazy and the Black Hippies. Also: new music from Lo’Jo, THEEsatisfaction, and Lionel Loueke and much more, both classic and contemporary. 2 hours with Brad, Jojo and Bill.

The loose theme of this show is "great songs sung in Spanish by Spaniards," so click on and enjoy!