A funny skip at the start, and then music from Somalia, Ethiopia, India, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Romania, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and more!

Do you remember? Do you recall? KJ104 25 Years Later
This show is near and dear to my heart. Without this station coming into my life from early 1991 to September 1992, I don't believe I would be a radio DJ today.
Enjoy, DJ SLT

I'm Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail!!!

A remembrance of Walter Becker highlights this busy episode of The Pop Shop! Also included are segments on Bands You Love to Hate (or is it Bands You Hate to Love?) and birthday spins for Chrissie Hynde and Buddy Holly.

This program presents the Cuban music continuum “Contradanza-Danzón-Mambo-Cha Cha Chá”, and Latin American music with indigenous roots.

Host: Dixie Treichel, a radio story and music evening


Three short radio stories created for the KFAI MN Legacy Project by Dixie Treichel

Venus de Mars

Due to cybergeists, this show is not playable. It will be rewebcast on September 21.

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Christine Kuenen senior manager for Metro Mobility talks about the fare increase with Metro Mobility, and several other things pertaining to Metromobility.

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