Everyone sees big economic shifts due to digitalization and automation—-that displaces more and more people.  Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) (proposed by Rev. Martin Luther King in his fnal Poor People's Campaign and also by  President Richard Nixon in early 1970s) is the idea that everyone in society recieves a "floor" of $10,000 to $12,000 a year. Municipalities in various countries—including Canada—- and a national referndum for BIG in Switzerland, mean that Americans can see this concept in action.


Tribute to the late John Hurt at the beginning of the show.

Then, on to business as usual. Or, unusual.

Enjoy, DJ SLT


Episode 22 – Looming Dystopia

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Yer friendly neighborhood Midnight Rider, a.k.a. DJ Weston East, in for Eric this week, and it was madness… Madness, with their song Cardiac Arrest leading things off. Cardiac Arrest… hmmm… gonna have to try that one as a closer sometime!

The Pop Shop celebrates Black History Month with a potpourri of poppy, funky, and soulful tracks.

In Gilberto’s absence, this program was hosted by Miguel Vargas, voice and master of “Radio Pocho”

Jennifer Menk from the YMCA who will be discussing aging adults staying healthy mentally, physically, and socially.