7/1/2009 Global Beat

Canada Day and not one piece of Canadian music… oops ! I started with Africa then Arabia, Bossas Brasilieras, and the Caribbean with Toots Hibbert of Jamaica coming to the Zoo on Friday July 3.

7/1/2009 Stone Soup
7/1/2009 Rockin' In Rhythm

All those car songs. Check out the play list.

7/1/2009 Echo Chamber

The new dub and roots just keep on coming… This week’s new releases include: Kanka (Sub.mersion on Hammerbass:; Takana Zion (Rappel à l’Ordre on Makasound:; and Arrogalla (Exotic Animals in the Scrub on Les Cristaux Liquidente:http:// The summer mix this week: Stop That Train #18 from Version Big-Fi:

7/1/2009 Dart Gun Radio

On the 28th, Kira was murdered 2 years ago…. I looked up on her friendster account, asked some people for suggestions, and followed some punker’s code, and then had technology fail me something serious, botched, bocked… i still freeze around that girl.
and quite litterally, missed songs, breaks, song lists..
i just couldn’t tell you about it…..
she just is.
get to know her.

6/30/2009 Rhythm and Grooves

Started with a few songs featuring Mike The Hook Deutsch, a KFAI volunteer, and Twin Cities Bluesman (piano) who passed away last week. Then went on to new music from Fathead Newman, Etienne Charles, a classic from Miles, and more….

6/30/2009 Disabled and Proud
6/30/2009 Rollin' and Tumblin'

It’s with regret that I announce the passing of Blue Loon recording artist Mike The Hook Deutsch. The piano man succumbed to cancer on 6/24/09. Instead of thinking of him as having died, I prefer to say: He’s taking his place in that heavenly blues band, playing with his friends who got there before he did: Dave Ray, Rick O’Dell, Joel Johnson, Will Donicht, Percy Strother, Milwaukee Slim, Andy Bailey, Steve Killer Kilbride, Mike Nichols, Lady Blue Sonny Rodgers. Today’s show featured music that Mike recorded with some of those friends.

6/30/2009 Corazon Latino

Cantos de revolucion, de independencia, de rebelion/ Songs of revolution, independence and rebellion.

6/30/2009 Dig Up The Roots

A musical trip around and through the concept of America. Happy 4th of July.