Episode #500 of Jet Set Planet features the Inner Views of Sonny Bono and a celebratory Ray Conniff SuperSet!


30 min into hour 1 Langer's Ball joins us for St. Pats style music. After that it's a radio sde tripe w Groovin Plenty. Thanks for riding along w/me

An opener of music featuring local musician Dan Boardman in preparation for a massive benefit in support of Dan and his family, a dip into KFAI's Celtic vinyl collection, and spinning tunes with Drew Miller, of Boiled in Lead, Fresh Air alum, and Vinyl Voices DJ.

Synthwaves hosts and takes a trip through the gritty streets of Los Angeles in the 80s and 90s through music, retro commercial and movie samples. Then the show kicks into high gear blurring what dimension you are in playing tracks from now (Luxar, Professor Zonic Zynth, Volt Age, Tape Loader and more) and then including movie intros, commercials from the 80s, an old interview with Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam and a step by step demonstration of how they mixed and mastered a Morris Day track.  More music ensues from Chuckii Booker, Vixen, Milli Vanilli and much much much more.