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No Cause For Alarm

Goings on at a nuclear power plant when the Health and Safety Inspector arrives and bumps something.  Of course the regular guy who always knows how things work isn't there, and isn't available.  But, really, there's no cause for alarm.  From the Wireless Theater Company in the UK, and written by Gareth Rubin. 

Thanksgiving, or Pass the Indian Please

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The Wildcat Sanctuary and the Problem of Wildcats in Captivity

Did you know there are 37 species of cats and only one of them is domesticated? The other 36…they're better off living in their natural habitats. The problem is people get too curious about them, think their beauty makes great photographs, and seem to think they would be perfectly at home in kitchens, bedrooms, basements, garages, pole barns and the like. In the age of selfies, Constance Schey reminds us through interviews and stories, how human curiosity can lead to killing cats.

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