7/10/2014 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
7.10.14 BELOWtheWASTE

Streaming Into The Void

7/10/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host / Engineer: Mark Koerner
News Host: Janis Lane-Ewart
Producer: Paul Brohaugh
Editor: Anne Goodroad

7/10/2014 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

The RSST Nutshell – 7/10/14

It’s Space Month, week 2! In the era of NASA’s Project Mercury, the US space effort was being followed worldwide, including in the newly-independent island nation of Jamaica. There, drummer Lloyd Knibb, one of the inventors of a brand-new rhythmic style called Ska, was inspired to suggest “The Satellites” as the name of what would become the island’s premier orchestra performing this music. Tenor saxophonist Tommy McCook, pointing out that the band played Ska, modified “Satellites” into “Skatalites.” The name stuck, and the rest is history. The “Ooh” celebrates this mighty outfit with live early-‘80s reunion performances from Kingston’s Blue Monk Jazz Gallery before taking us back to the classic Studio One era with a couple of great Don Drummond trombone cuts and songs by a who’s who of singers the Skatalites, and their sequel band the Soul Brothers, backed on record. Our opening segment winds up with a track from McCook’s Treasure Isle band The Supersonics, contemporaries of the Soul Brothers. Our middle segment finds Sherwood B. Funn continuing the spacey mood with the sounds of Sun Ra, Attilio “Art” Mineo, Russ Garcia and other cosmically-minded artists, including Shiina Ringo with “Carnation,” the clearly Star Trek-inspired video for which has been highly-praised in past RSST Nutshells. The Home Stretch forgoes a GotchaSKAvered selection… in part because we’ve already featured “Ball of Fire” (Ernest Ranglin’s version gets excerpted just before “The End” this week), but also because we wanted to try to play a start-to-finish (aero-) space-themed Home Stretch… and we damn near pulled it off! Even Umbrella Bed’s “I Remember You” came from an album called One Small Skank For Man… but you’ll have to use a little imagination on the second Tokyo Ska number “Film-makers Bleed.” Let’s try it. Hmmmm… howzabout “(Sci-fi) Film-makers Bleed (Green)”… Next week: The Moon! Tune in… and Stay Tuned!

7/10/2014 In Your Ear

DJ Weston East takes your ears All Over The Map! In our travels, we happen upon a Tom Petty-less Heartbreakers deep undercover as a surf band_ The Blue Stingrays, to be exact_ but not before we’ve been to Mars, Venus and other points in space, encountering Astral Pirates, Space Station No. 9, and even Man Or Astro-Man before things wind up!

7/9/2014-Click "Episode Details" to hear The Lone Crows on our FOREVER archives.

7/9/2014 Radio Pocho
7/9/2014 MinneCulture

Iron Range native Jillian Rae performs at the 5th annual Mid West Music Fest in Winona, Minnesota.

7/9/2014 Art Matters
7/9/2014 Listening Lounge

Arguments for preserving the time and space in which to walk in our ever more accelerated world.