4/9/2014 Listening Lounge

Three rich sketches of folks in the North Dakota oilfields by Todd Melby.

4/9/2014 House Party
4/9/2014 Freewheelin'
4/9/2014 Global Beat
4/9/2014 Stone Soup
4/9/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host: David Cummings
News Host: Robert Easley
Producer: Mike Fischbein
Engineer: Mike Stapp


Tonight, as part of KFAI’s spring pledge drive, the Echo Chamber presented our annual “Free the Marijuana” special. It was a crazy kind of night….in a cloud of ganja smoke… Alright, OK…so there wasn’t really any ganja smoke in the studio (too bad), just plenty of ganja-inspired reggae and dub, with some great soundbytes from “Reefer Madness”. A special part of tonight’s program was the The Groove Thief’s “Stepping Between Reggae and Dub Vol. 4” ganja-filled mix (which we played most of).

4/9/2014 Modern Kicks
4/8/2014 Balkan Jamboree

April 8th, the fabulous saz/ baglama Turkish player and singer Orhan Ucer is a special guess on the pledge drive Balkan Jamboree show.
Turkish and Bulgarian music played by Orhan and Nickolai.

4/8/2014 Bonjour Minnesota

Pledge Drive!