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Clips from Malarkey Brunch #1 with Karie Oberg

Special guest is TronicBox ( more here: ). TronicBox is the artist behind the 1980s style remixes of Justin Bieber's songs "Baby" and "What Do you Mean" (to name a few) that have recieved Millions of plays between Soundcloud and YouTube respectively. The second guest is the founder of and we discuss the website, interviews and the mega retro 80s YouTube channel, New Retro Wave.    Music featured includes August, The Midnight, Papillon Rising.    

Return of the Groovy Bushman

After Petey gets his boy, Sputnik, the nuclear weapon he wanted, bad things happened, and civilization as we know it ended.  Now Petey and Moebius are trapped in the rumpus room in Petey's basement, and then… new character enters…  From the Radio Mouth Bandits, of Champaign, Illinois. 

Little Chills

ZPPR Productions series of short mysteries brings us Hatrack of Death.  

Plastic Soul – for Beatles Fans and Pop Music Lovers

Steveo brought us together for a day trip down fab memory lane with the music of The Beatles, together and solo, and with a little help from some friends. We heard hits, unburied gems, and some great anecdotes along the way. Thanks for the ticket to ride, Steveo!