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Plastic Soul with Steveo

Steveo brings us another edition of Plastic Soul – Beatles reverie with interesting information about recordings, cover versions, production and the legacies originated by John, Paul, George and Ringo. It's always a good time when Plastic Soul takes over the KFAI airwaves. Check the playlist for today's golden tracks!

It was a HmongFM, "giving you a glimpse into the Mouacheupao-experience" kind of night with Wameng, Kathy and Steve Mouacheupao in the studio talking about sibling rivalry, mischeif, support and love. Listen to hear stories about Wameng and Steve falling in the Charles River as young children, dying and coming back to life, Steve shooting Kathy in the back and looking forward as adults. 

Seventy years ago, as 300 years of British colonilism ended in India, partition split the country in two, creating Pakistan—-and 15 million refugee-migrants. PANGEA WORLD THEATER's newest production, "5 Weeks" explores that partition (and it's continued impact), drawn from oral histories in a play by MEENA NATARAJAN and directed by DIPANKUR MUKHERJEE.

Daniel Edmondson, who is an amputee skateboarder will be in the studio talking about the book he created as an art therapy tool for victims of traumatic injury.


His book: