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It's back to bulerías again, with guitarist Juan del Gastor from Moron de la Frontera accompanying a 22-minute bulerías.

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Hosted by Miguel Vargas

With Roy Taylor

DJ(s): Fred Posine, Romain Lorentz & Angela Lundberg. Guest(s): None. Theme: None.

On May 29th, Liz talks with Scott Holiday about his new book Punishment in the Detective Barnes Series. Scott J. Holliday was born and raised in Detroit. In addition to a lifelong love of books and reading, he’s pursued a range of curiosities and interests, including glassblowing, boxing, and much more. His two previous novels are Stonefly and Normal, the latter of which earned him recognition in’s Literary Blockbuster Challenge. He loves to cook and create stories for his wife and two daughters.

Folk, blues & old-time music hosted by banjo player Liz Olds!

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