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Rebroadcast of show of 12/29/2014. The Celtic connection.

Healthy, rich, and delicious, coconut is nature’s miracle healer. Dr. Bruce Fife explains the benefits of coconut,and how to incorporate this superfood into meals every day with more than 400 delicious recipes. Coconut has been shown to have countless health benefits, including:
Weight loss
Preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many other degenerative diseases
Strengthening the immune system
Improving digestion
Preventing premature aging of the skin
Beautifying skin and hair

Reap the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil, milk, water, and cream.


The Adventures of Patch & Click


Patch wakes up to find most of her memory has been stolen and she's being dragged off by cops.  She escapes from them, but runs into mobsters.  Soon she meets up with Click, who is a cyberhanced Ferret and he's out of work. 

From the SoundStage at WMNF in Tampa, FL.  Written and directed by Ed Lehmann.  Produced by Dave Lassa.  Starring Leha LoSchiavo and Dave Waterman.  Episodes 1 and 2 tonight, with 4 more in the next two weeks. 

Ladies of the 80s hosted by Krista Wax.  In this episode of the Wave Project Krista spreads her love of 80s music by rockin a killer playlist from Cher to Salt N Pepa!