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Visit New Grimston Anyway

Jumper – Neal Hoffman's ex-wife is sitting out on the high ledge of city halls, and everyone is trying to keep her from jumping, including Neal.  Another episode from ZPPR Productions.  Written and directed by George Zarr and Andrew Joffe.

Tara Flame On Patrol

Contemporaries El Niño de Almaden and Pepe Marchena, whose voices are nothing alike, trade "licks" with mirabrás, nanas, serranas, peteneras, and even a farruca. Tune in to tune up your knowledge of flamenco cante! We tried to air this show on August 3, but failed, so here it is now in its full glory! 

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Special Edition of "Filipino American National News"

A special one-hour presentation of Filipino-American National News aired this morning. Hosts Ramon, Alan and Afsheen brought news, music and commentary from this vibrant community live from the State Fair! 

Episode 52

Tom Tier was my guest and we premeried a brand new track from United Teachers of Music.

Note: No archive of this show is available due to a power outage.