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3/26/2014 Listening Lounge

The Ecstatic Underground & The Bells in this installment from Noise: A Human History of Sound & Listening

3/26/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host: David Cummings
News Host: Robert Easley
Producer: Mike Fischbein
Engineer: Mike Stapp

3/26/2014 ECHO CHAMBER

All kinds of new music…and new artists inna Echo Chamber tonight. First up was the sublimely beautiful “The Girl from India” track from Dub Suppliaz, followed by the equally sublime “Bohemia Junction (Bombay Dub’s Old School Dub)” from Bombay Dub Orchestra. More new releases included: the title track “Fly Rasta” from Ziggy Marley’s new album; the cool “Dub 2 Babylon” release from Digid (on MindStep); All India Radio’s latest free compilation “Ghost Songs”; Dubamix’s fine “Pour Qui Sonne Le Dub” album; the self-titled EP from Foresta (on Urban Tree); plus more tracks from Vibration Lab (also on MindStep), Masia One & Dubtonic Kru (unreleased), Red Star Martyrs (unreleased), Patatattak, BassDefender (feat. Oli Olinga), Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate, Mr. Mamadou the PiArt, and Ammoye. Rounding out the mix we played stuff from Patra, Mighty Diamonds, Dubblestandart, VersionXcursion, Josh Heinrichs, The Revolutionaries, Caravan Palace, Shiina Ringo, Shpongle, The Unlimiters, and more…

3/25/2014 Write On! Radio

We speak with Minnesota author and teacher Cullen Bailey Burns about her new book Slip.

3/25/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host / Engineer: Jean Silverberg
News Host: Dave Roberts
Producer: Ron Thums

3/24/2014 Malarkey-Radio with an Irish Accent

What we do best… talking.

3/24/2014 Health Notes

In Entering the Healing Ground¸ author and soul activist Francis Weller, offers a new vision of grief and sorrow. He reveals the hidden vitality in grief, uncovered when the heart welcomes the sorrows of our life and those of the world. We are ripened in times of loss, made more human by the rites of grief. Through story, poetry and insightful reflections, Francis offers a meditation on the healing power of grief

3/20/2014 Poquito y Bueno: A Short and Sweet Flamenco Show

Kristina plays new cuts just brought home from Spain.

3/24/2014 The Morning Blend

Hosts: Terry Carter, Cory Washington, Xan Holston
Programs: World Exposure, Minnesota Native News, Art Matters
Reporters: Jumondeh Tweh, Marie Rock, Cher Dial, Marya Morstad

3/23/2014 Verbal Graffiti Radio