Arts & Culture

10/30/2007 Disabled and Proud
10/29/2007 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture
10/29/2007 Listening Lounge

BBC India Rising, Part 1

10/29/2007 Health Notes

Five Wishes
Gaye Hendricks

Gaye Hendricks talks about his inspirational new book, Five Wishes.

10/28/2007 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
10/28/2007 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Borgus War of the Worlds parody. And a play demonstrating all the things NOT to do in making good radio theater. And another episode of Alien Worlds, The Kilohertz War.

10/28/2007 Filipino American National News
10/28/2007 Wave Project

Leading Quality Lives through Guild
George Broostin and his guests discuss helping mentally ill adults live quality lives through a strengths-based approach with interdisciplinary teams as delivered by the non-profit organization Guild Incorporated.

10/26/2007 Radio Antilles

This was a pledge drive show and I didn’t keep a playlist. Thanks
to all who pledged support to KFAI during RA.

10/26/2007 Catalyst: Politics and Culture