Arts & Culture

12/14/2007 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
12/13/2007 Fresh Fruit

Host: Leigh Combs

12/13/2007 Art Matters
12/13/2007 Write On Radio!

In the first half, we talk with Marie Olofsdotter. Marie Olofsdotter is the author and illustrator of Sofia and the Heartmender, recently rereleased by Holy Cow! Press. Marie Olofsdotter is also a participant in this year’s Loft Mentor Program.

We also talk with poets Margaret Hasse and Richard Solly. They discuss their new work, and their new project of critiquing by email.

12/12/2007 Echo Chamber
12/11/2007 Disabled and Proud
12/10/2007 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture
12/10/2007 Listening Lounge

Stories from the Heart of the Land, Part 2

12/10/2007 Health Notes
12/9/2007 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC