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1/27/2008 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Part 2 of The Cabaret of Forbidden Celestial Delights, part of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre’s Big Big Space series.
Episodes 3 and 4 of Star of Vengeance, a comic novel in 10 parts.

1/27/2008 Filipino American National News
1/27/2008 Wave Project

Fado with Gaucho Joe
A unique Portuguese and Brazilian style of singing, Fado music passionately tells stories of love, heartbreak and longing. Host Gaucho Joe Schermann presents an hour of great Fado and the background behind the genre.

1/25/2008 Radio Antilles
1/25/2008 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
1/24/2008 Fresh Fruit

Host: Pat Nelson

Guest: Emily Figueroa

Facing Future – From West to East: Chinese Medicine

1/24/2008 Art Matters
1/24/2008 Write On Radio!

Bill Watkins reads from The Once and Future Celt and talks about Burns night. Faith Hunter discusses her post-apocalyptic fantasy novel Host.

1/23/2008 Echo Chamber

Another MLK special inna Echo Chamber…and the dub was thumpin’. The highlighted artist/producer was Aram Scaram out of Toronto — featuring his latest project, Citizen Sound…

1/22/2008 Disabled and Proud