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8/10/2007 Radio Antilles

Greetings. This edition of RA featured a classic R n B set about 50 min into the 2nd hour. See the playlist below at # 19. Chip Willis and Double Exposure / I’m Gonna Gitcha / Eccentric Soul /Numerogroup, # 20. Joey Jefferson Band / Revolution Rap / Supercool CA Soul 2 and # 21. The Dynamics / Dum De Dum / First Landing / Hacktone songlist below – you can also listen to the archive recording of this show for two weeks from its airdate by clicking on the archive tab. These three songs were neither commercial hits nor heard on top 40 radio statiosn when released, however, they’re kickin nonetheless. Enjoy – JohnnyD

8/10/2007 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
8/9/2007 Fresh Fruit
8/9/2007 Art Matters
8/9/2007 Write On Radio!

Steve McEllistrem talks with noted science fiction author Lois Bujold, and Jules Nyquist talks with Howard Lieberman about his Fringe Festival show with Loren Niemi, 1967 Summer of Love. Amy Salloway also joins us to talk about her Fringe Festival show.

8/8/2007 Echo Chamber

The featured album on tonight’s Echo Chamber was the excellent Walkin’ Target (Interchill) from Ashtech: Some rootsy, dubby stuff, with an electronic undercurrent… Also new Version Xcursion meets Ammoye:, plus a new Dr. Mooch live disc.

8/7/2007 Disabled and Proud
8/6/2007 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture
8/6/2007 Listening Lounge
8/6/2007 Health Notes

Katie Murphy of Healing Insights Therapy Center
Food Power

Katie talks about Food Power. Do you really want to know what to eat? How to eat?