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Diet ReHab

“Diet Rehab is a smart, innovative, science-based way to end the cravings that are stealing your life. It is filled with practical tips that will make a big difference almost immediately.”-Daniel G. Amen, MD, author of The Amen Solution and Change Your Brain, Change Your Body

Kinshasha shared the basics of eliminating our craving addiction.

Ending Childhood Obesity in MN

Kinshasha talked with Melvin Anderson about his goal to end childhood obesity in Minnesota one community at a time.

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The Ballad of Lost C’Mell, by Cordwainer Smith. A tale of the underpeople and the Lords of the Instrumentality. From the Sci-Fi Radio series by Kevin Singer and Ron Diullio.

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The creative process of spoken word and original music as realized at the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley. A mix of spoken word poetry, original music, and interviews with artists about the creative process.

Politics, politics, politics! Hosts Peter Gokey and Kendrick Davies sit down with Log Cabin Republican board member Broc Dobervich and Stonewall DFL chair David DeGrio to discussion politics and LGBT issues.

Shawn Bangsund, and Gail Drake talk about the Twin Cities Audio Dart league