Arts & Culture

3/9/2008 Wave Project

The Voice of Karen
Host Lone Shwe provides news, music and entertainment for the Karen speaking community.

3/7/2008 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles PLAYLIST 03/07/08 ARTIST/SONG/CD/LABLE * New Song

3/7/2008 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
3/6/2008 Fresh Fruit

Host: Leigh Combs

3/6/2008 Art Matters
3/6/2008 Write On Radio!

Political commentator Barry Casselman talks about his book North Star Rising: Minnesota Politicians on the National Stage.

In the second half, Richard Deadeye Hayes and Mary Gardner discuss Richard’s new book, Outlaw Biker: My Life at Full Throttle.

3/5/2008 Echo Chamber

Once again, the Echo Chamber 3-hour dub journey pulled in dubs from around the world, from well-known artists as well as little known newcomers. The featured label tonight was the excellent French Dub Released: Netlabel – including tracks from 3 different releases.

3/4/2008 Disabled and Proud

MUSIC SHOW: Joseph Baird’s Lost and Found

3/3/2008 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture
3/3/2008 Listening Lounge

Shortcut Back to 1968