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Meditation on Sacred Sounds

This program is special because it will provide practical information on how mantra meditation can help one feel relief from the daily effects of stress and frustrations.  ln our life there are so many demands that most of us are barely keeping up with all the responsibilities.  Over time these demands can lead to a great deai of stress.  More than ever many Americans are turning to food and other "methods" of finding reiief and relaxation to escape these demands even if for a minute.

Host: Dixie Treichel

Guests: Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, Representative Susan Allen, Matthew Everett, Jefferson Fietek

Religion & Politics: MN Marriage Amendment & Voter ID Amendment from the Faith and American Indian perspectives
“But Not For Love”-a gay marriage themed play; Justin’s Gift, an LGBTQ youth group denied participation in the Anoka Halloween parade

A show from November of 2009 showcases unloveable flamenco sung by the "old gals," along with the inimitable La Tati telling the story of how she began dancing flamenco.