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12/6/2007 Art Matters
12/6/2007 Write On Radio!

Sister Helen Prejean, famous for her eloquent words and witness against the death penalty, calls in from Louisiana. Best known as the author of Dead Man Walking, she is also the author of The Death of Innocents: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Executions.

In the second half of the show, we talk with William C. Hammond, author of the novel A Matter of Honor, a maritime novel set in the days of the American Revolution, and quiz him mercilessly about various historical events.

12/5/2007 Echo Chamber

Some great new dubs this week including Eating Betty’s Troy Davis – Innocence Matters:, the Technician’s Cleric (of Dub), and Notty D’s Dr. StrangeDub DJ Baby Swiss!

12/4/2007 Disabled and Proud
12/3/2007 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture
12/3/2007 Health Notes
12/2/2007 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
12/2/2007 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Time and Time Again, by H. Beam Piper, from Dimension X in 1951.
Time Clash, from Alien Worlds in 1980.

12/2/2007 Filipino American National News
12/2/2007 Wave Project

It Could Be Worse or Love at Frost Bite
Mary Pendergast presents discussion and music by members of Anodyne Arts Center, St. Paul, a center for visual and performing artists who involve individuals with disabilities.