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The Case of the Calico Lobster from the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater. This is the conclusion of the story begun last week, involving a kidnapped blue lobster, a mobster, and Captain Waverly Underhill. Then we have a story from the History of detective Harry Nile, called The Case of the Baffled Ballerina. A double header of mysteries.


Tony Johnson reintroduces forgotten rock from the decade: a refreshing rewind of music seldom heard over the last 30 years.  These are songs that got limited airplay on stations like KQRS and KDWB during the highpoint of their album's rock days. 

Music Host: Miguel Vargas
News Host: Siobhan Keirans
Producer: Dale Connelly

Host: Roxanne Anderson

Hear more of Kristina’s interview with Maestro Juan Parra of Jerez and listen to music by Jerezanos past and present.