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KFAI Guest Programmer, Janis Lane-Ewart, from the Collective Eye

Kristina reaches into the archives for a show featuring local guitarist Michael Ziegahn and also the music of some great Spanish guitarists.

HOST: Leigh Combs
this was a lively Fresh Fruit pledge drive enstallment — thanks to all of those that pledged
tonight: Fresh Fruit hosts Justin Anderson, Dixie Treichel & Kendrick Davies joined me in the studio !!
along with our guest Sweetpea ! promoting 2 greatr shows she is doing at the Bryant Lake Bowl … one with Colleen Cruse that’s just asking for trouble ;) <3 —
we had the Justice League from Blake High school on sharing all kinds of information including the upcoming Stan Up, Speak Out event !
and Internationally known astrologist Heather Roan Robbins with her fall forcast ~ <3 <3 <3

<p>Pledge Drive radio play</p>

Featuring pieces from The Truth, This Land Press, Youth Radio, & Billy Collins!

Guest programmer, Ellen Stanley, host of Womenfolk, joins The Morning Blend.