Arts & Culture

5/26/2008 Listening Lounge

Vietnam Blues (Tina Antolini – Independent producer)

5/26/2008 Health Notes

Kinshasha talked with community activists Al Flower, Ron Edwards and Former City Council Member about the upcoming African American Covenant with the Minneapolis Public Schools.

5/25/2008 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
5/25/2008 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

New Mexican Overdrive, another adventure of George Tirebiter, where he goes to a special weapons test during the early 1940s.

5/25/2008 Filipino American National News
5/25/2008 Wave Project
5/23/2008 Radio Antilles
5/23/2008 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
5/22/2008 Fresh Fruit

Host: Pat Nelson
Guests: Members and Advisors from the Gay-Straight Alliance at Volunteers of America Education Center

The Y Factor – There’s More of Us Than You Know

5/22/2008 Art Matters