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Reflections on Armistice Day peace events and other peace issues with members of Veterans for Peace.

Hosts Norman Strizek & Dixie Treichel sit in for Leigh Combs

Spinnin’ tunes all night long

Kristina plays super-slow, sentimental tangos, and she also chats with Melinda Hedgecorth, a dancer visiting from Sevilla, about Melinda's first years of flamenco study in America and in Spain.

Germaine Gemberling Live at Lee’s

Germaine Gemberling is a singer-songwriter born and raised in St. Paul. She began studying music a child, and grew up in the midst of the indie-rock explosion that brought us the Replacements, Husker Du, Jayhawks and Soul Asylum. She fronted her first band at 17—the all-girl punk band SMUT—who signed to Spanish Fly/Twin-Tone Records in 1992. A few years later Germaine left the Twin Cities for the beauty and solitude of northern Minnesota. She performs with her folk-rock band, Junkboat, as well as acoustically with Rich Mattson and Ol’ Yeller. Her most recent release, Generator, was recorded at Sparta Sound in 2013.

This program was recorded at Lee’s Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis by Tom Garneau.