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September songs, tunes about cats, birds and bunnies and a live interview with Meg Hutchinson!

Hosts: Ron Thums, Jean Silverberg, Ryan Dawes
Guests: Jaymie Kelly
Editors: Aaron Westendorp, Diego Ortega, Elliot Nathan
Reporters: Charlie McCarron, Cynthia Montana

Hurling (the game!) and music and malarkey. Forgotten survivor: 1. Blasket Sound.

Dig Deep In One Place: A Couple's Journey To A Spiritual Life

Dig Deep in One Place: A Couple’s Journey to a Spiritual Life” explains the actual recipe that the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are and how they can assist anyone in the transformation of their lives. This important Health Notes conversation will explain how the Fifield’s lived their lives together moving through their relationship, marriage, codependency, addiction, and health issues to happy, joyous freedom. The Steps are way to rise above fear and live a happy and peaceful life. The Fifield’s have no desire to tell anyone how to do the Twelve Steps but to begin to scrape away


Dixon and Sparks: Excuse Me While I Disappear – a new detective series from ZBS. Dixon and Sparks run the Existential Detective Agency. Dixon can see things that others can’t. And we’ll have a short silly subject from Big Fun Radio Funtime, too.