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from KFAI’s IWD 2013 Programming, Hosted by The First Nations Composer Initiative: Jewel Arcoren & Annette Joy

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Hosted by Larry Knudsen

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Hosted by Annette Joy

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Beastie Boys, Pete Seeger, Jonathan Alter, & Amber Heard on stuff.

Opening today’s program with a quick review of this week’s concert by Jesse Cook at the Pantages…and fellow Canadian compatriot, musician Joni Mitchell.

News Host: Flor Frey
Music Host: David Cummings
Producer: Mike Fischbein
Engineer: Mike Stapp

A roadtrip-zonked Dr. Strangedub sat this one out and handed the reins of The Echo Chamber over to the Swissmeister this week.Yeah, this playlist looks short, but that’s ‘cuz it’s got some really lo-o-o-ong tunes in it, including the 13+min. stretcher “Ethiopia/The Lower Ground” from Bill Laswell’s “Book of Exit: Dub Chamber 4” as well as some epic Orb, and reggae discomix showcase business from both Joe Gibbs and Greensleeves. Add in a couple of choice Waveform goodies from International Observer and Warp Technique, plus some live on-air mixology layering rhythmic Kev Hopper over some quite ambient Ben Neill for a good 4+min. (leading into the aforementioned Warp Technique) and a couple of newly-hatched Froggies made their EC debut, including “The Eye of Cyclophibius” and the Eastern-flavored ska thing that wrapped up the show. And that, dubheads, is the lo-o-o-ong and short of it. The Doc’ll be back next week.

We speak with David Poyer about his new book The Whiteness of the Whale. He is the author of more than 30 novels, including the Dan Lenson series and the Lyle “Tiller” Galloway series, both of which are American sea fiction in the tradition of Herman Wouk and Joseph Conrad.

We also speak with Fiona Maazel about her new book Woke Up Lonely. She is the author of Last Last Chance, and has won the Bard Prize for Fiction. She was also a National Book Foundation “5 under 35” honoree.

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