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4/26/2009 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

The Deadeye Kid, a sort of detective western, sorting out a feud in the mountains. By Julie Hoverson, curator of 19 Nocturne Boulevard.
The White Castle, beginning a serial from ZBS, of the Fantastic Voyages of Jack Flanders.

4/26/2009 Filipino American National News
4/26/2009 Wave Project

Caritas Vocal Ensemble – Live!
Caritas Vocal Ensemble is an a capella singing group that performs benefit concerts for charitable organizations in the Twin Cities who provide basic human services: food, shelter, clothing and health care – both physical and spiritual. Tune in this Sunday, April 26 at 6 PM and hear about the group’s mission of giving along with vocal music, live from KFAI’s studios. Don’t miss this great program.

4/24/2009 Radio Antilles
4/24/2009 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
4/23/2009 Fresh Fruit

Let’s Talk Amongst Ourselves
Hosts: Pat Nelson Dixie Treichel
Guests: Katherine Jon from MPIRG’s Take Back the Night; and noted activist Robyn Ochs

4/23/2009 Art Matters
4/23/2009 Write On Radio!

Chan Poling, formerly with the band The Suburbs and now 1/3 of the groundbreaking jazz trio The New Standards, talks about his new musical called Venus, a Jekyll and Hyde story with several twists, which is premiering May 7th at the Ritz Theater in northeast Minneapolis. More information is available at

In the second half of the show, Steve McEllistrem talks with Patrick Somerville about his debut novel The Cradle, a quest story that reveals unexpected connections between strangers. Patrick Somerville was recently chosen as the recipient of the 2009 21st Century Award by the Chicago Public Library.

4/22/2009 Echo Chamber

Tonight the Echo Chamber presented the annual Word Beat I Powa dub poetry, beat poetry, and spoken word special. Of course, it was dub poetry that set the foundation, but we had many other rhymesayers — from Jamaican DJs, to beat poets, and hip hop artists.

4/21/2009 Disabled and Proud

Pledge week show part 2