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Top Womenfolk Releases of 2013

Naturopath Chris Morris

Chris Morris is an internationally recognized naturopathic physician, author, cleric and business leader. Realizing that he wanted to find a way to serve humanity in a more profound way, Chris entered the field of alternative medicine in 1983 after a career as a professional athlete and business executive.

Chris brings a unique perspective to healing and personal growth with his degree in mathematics and physics along with his 30 year study of metaphysics and personal development.

Chris will talk about moving from a linear model of healing to a heart model – following the flow of nature and eating with nature for wellness. Another important Health Notes Conversation

Dreams of Tiffany Blue, Part 2, the conclusion, from ZBS. Jack Flanders in Belize, hearing a woman’s voice on a crystal radio, and she leads him into a dream temple.

with Vivek and Vikas Narula