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More Tamara, more bulerias…Kristina's on a roll here!

Hosts: Paul Brohaugh, Mark Koerner, Janis Lane-Ewart
Guests: Pam Simon, Kurtis Hanna, Said Sheik Abdi
Programs: Truth To Tell, Backstory
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A smattering of our all-time-favorite pieces.

A Special 35th Anniversary Pledge Day special on Global Beat… reflecting back on the reggae scene in Mpls. in 1978 – when KFAI first was heard. J.Otis Powell! sits in with Doug in honor of the 90.3 / 106.7 Frequencies — helping to raise XXtra special funds in honor of the birthday. Doug began his run with KFAI in its first year so he nears his 35th anniversary of making the global community present over the airwaves.

Happy Birthday KFAI!

Music Host: David Cummings
News Host: Robert Easley
Producer: Mike Fischbein
Engineer: Mike Stapp

A very special evening as we celebrated KFAI’s 35th Birthday; played a tribute set for the late great Prince Jazzbo; and had the pleasure of airing a special Bandulu Dub Echo Chamber Exclusive Mix! Kicked off the party / pledge drive with the fun “Happy Birth Dub” from Soldier Red & Lion Army. Some great new tunes this week from Brain Damage meets Vibronics (from the soon to be released “Empire Soldiers” album on Jarring Effects), Jaqee (from her new “Yes I Am” album), Victoria Moralez, Secret Archives of the Vatican, MatDTSound, Dubsalon, Alific, HIRIE, The Expendables ft. Eek-A-Mouse, and Dub Caravan. The tribute to Prince Jazzbo included the brand-new What A Tribulation track (+ dub) he did with the Dubbhism Deluxe crew; the great “Ease Up the Pressure” done with Dubmatix; the fantastic “Black Shadow” done with Dub Club; the sublime showcase track “Most Dangerous Man/Free Up Yu Mind” done with Eric Blowtorch & the Welders; and finally an old Studio One Jazzbo cut entitled “Takeover Dub”.

We speak with John Milliken Thompson about his new novel Love and Lament, a novel of the post-Reconstruction South. He is also the author of The Reservoir and has written for numerous literary journals.

We also chat with Larry Watson about his new novel Let Him Go. Among his many works are American Boy, Montana 1948 and Justice.

See play list below…..songs may not be listed in order of play.

Celebrating KFAI’s 35th birthday with Womenfolk favorites & live music from Ann Reed!