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We speak with Dr. Jay Cohn about his new book Saving Sam: Drugs, Race, and Discovering the Secrets of Heart Disease - a memoir about his involvement in the development of BiDil, which is aimed at the treatment of heart failure in black patients.

We also talk with Eric Lorberer from Rain Taxi about the upcoming Twin Cities Book Festival at the Progress Center of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Saturday, October 11th. Many of us Write On! Radio folks will be there.

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Interview with Pieta Brown & Cali tunes!

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and Police Chief Janee Harteau talked with Kinshasha about the challenges that they have been facing in communities of color and talking about strategies to correct them.  

A pair of detectives as only radio can present them.

The McLaughlin Matter, from the History of Harry Nile. A weeping and frightened wife asks Harry for protection from a murderous husband. (