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9/7/2009 Listening Lounge

Life Stories: Women at Work, Part 1 (by Jay Allison)

9/7/2009 Health Notes

Sheila St. James, a native of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina survivor, relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota

Health and Fitness ‘go-to-girl’, Sheila “SUPERWOMAN” St. James says, “It’s okay to call her a fitness guru, but ultimately she wants to be known as a life-saver.” The former beauty pageant contestant has reigned as Ms. Orleans Parish, Ms. New Orleans and Miss “Fit” Louisiana. Sheila is a U.S. champion aerobics instructor, fitness model and competitor-Armed with a dual Masters Degree in Human Performance and Health Promotions, she is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist-(ie.,a professional personal trainer) and, America’s newest fitness inspiration.

9/6/2009 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
9/6/2009 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Anne Manx and the Empress Blair Project, from the Radio Repertory Company of America. Anne Manx has to keep the Empress alive for two months until she can assume rule of her planet. But nothing is ever that easy.

9/6/2009 Filipino American National News
9/6/2009 Wave Project

Voices of Christian Believers in Eritrea
Host Gabriel Francois and guests present a discussion of the role of the Christian faith in Eritrea, in Tigrinyan and English.

9/4/2009 Radio Antilles

RA 9.4.09. Feat the selections of DJ Fr. Time.

9/4/2009 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
9/3/2009 Fresh Fruit

Host: Kay

Guest: Andrea Jenkins

9/3/2009 Art Matters