Arts & Culture

Christmas Eve special hosted by Lady J!

Music host/Engineer: Jean Silverberg
News host: Robert Easley
Producer: Ron Thums
Guests: Paul Ostrow
Programs: 99% Invisible, KOEH
Reporters: Barbara Jean Meyers, Yvette Howie, Rico Morales

Christmas show with interviewers with shoppers, music, and tales about an Irish childhood Christmas.

Make Peace With Your Plate

Robyn Cruze says, “I gave my soul to my eating disorder. I truly believed that I would die from my illness as so many do. I felt my hearts being tarnished by the dictates of it. I was sinking along with the dreams and purpose I once had. I was treading in the deep end of life with only my nostrils above the waterline. Like the caterpillar that never came out of its cocoon, I was lost in the darkness of isolation. Never to become the butterfly that God intended me to be, that is until recovery”.

Hosts: Cory Washington, Xan Holston, Terry Carter
Guests: Herb Tousley, Lorna Landvik, Eyenga Bokamba
Programs: Art Matters
Editors: Robert Easley
Reporters: Paul Brohaugh, Christina Cerruti, Dale Connelly

Conclusion of Flight of the Bumble Bee, from the Radio Repertory Company of America, by Larry Weiner.
A Day in the Library from the Big Fun Radio Funtime! show at Minneapolis’ Bryant Lake Bowl.

The history, music and traditions of Wassail with Karen Ellery