Arts & Culture

Kenneth Silberman talks about NASA's internship program for students with disabilities.

Kristina plays more tientos this week, featuring singers Carmen Linares, Mayte Martin, and Aurora Vargas.

Pieces from Outfront, Curie Youth Radio, & StoryCorps

Opening today's program with sounds from West Africa… specifically from Ghana & Mali.  Also a visit to Nigeria & Mauritania, in the first hour.  Winding down the second hour with tributes to Joni Mitchell & Stevie Wonder and closing with mystic spirit from Senegal, Cheikh Lo.

d.j. babyswiss steered the ship for the whole 4-hour tour this week, starting out with the band the good Doctor saw… the English Beat! Dave Wakeling and crew began a 2-night stand at the Dakota on Nicollet Mall, and due to prior obligations (his own gig at the Cedar), Swiss had to miss out this time.