Arts & Culture

3/17/2010 Echo Chamber

The great dub and roots just keeps coming… Tonight we debuted new releases from General Smiley (of Michigan & Smiley) and McPullish, Madtone, Gaudi, Joseph Cotton & Lion Stepper, Uffe, Splitz Horns vs. Dr. Vax, Fatima, Gorillaz, and Echo Ranks & Vibronics.

3/16/2010 Disabled and Proud

Repeat: Pat Fischer of Accessibility dot Net, and braille shop

3/15/2010 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture

Featured Artist: Gaosong Vang

3/15/2010 Listening Lounge

No Brother of Mine (2 below zero, local producers Todd Melby and Diane Richard)

3/15/2010 Health Notes

Dr. Rob Bruley – Your Thyroid /Atrazine and Your Health

Your Thyroid
Why are so many people experiencing thyroid imbalance? Are you cold, experiencing weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, memory loss, irritability and the list goes on. Your thyroid may not be working properly and why is that?

Dr. Bruly also talked about the contradictions of the CDC (Center for Disease Control)

What is it, why is it in our environment and what does that mean to you? There is a lot of emerging disturbing health implications associated with atrazine that is in the health publications and should be brought to light – and Dr. Bruley will do just that.

3/14/2010 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Greetings and Solicitations, a sketch satire program from The Cabinet of Dr. Marconi, a short urban wizard story from Great Northern Audio Theatre, and shorter works from ZBS.

3/14/2010 Filipino American National News
3/14/2010 Wave Project

Class Party
Geneva, Jeremy and Sean from a recent KFAI Training Class demonstrate their expertise as new programmers and engineers with great music and brilliant conversation.

3/12/2010 Radio Antilles
3/12/2010 Catalyst: Politics and Culture