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Jim Rodgers, Director of the Center for Irish Studies at the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul and editor of the New Hibernian Review dropped in on November 25th to talk about a new publication which he edited, Extended Family, play a little music, and just chat.

Kinshasha talked with Dr. Alicia Stanton Anti-Aging Expert Physician about her new book, Hormone Harmony.

Because of recent research and the controversy that surrounds the risks of hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women hormone imbalance has become a hot topic but few
straightforward comprehensive guides have been written on the issue.

Hormone Harmony fills that gap with an in-depth look at how hormones are deeply connected to nutrition lifestyle and supplements. Most importantly it provides a road map for women
and men seeking to create hormone balance providing a checklist of symptoms for identifying imbalances.

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The first of The Little City In Space syndicated series. We’ll bring you one of this series on the last Sunday of each month, from now through next November. It’s unexpected music, news, and all the doings up on that orbiting trailer park, as their orbit carries them over the Twin Cities once again.

Growing up can mean hearing specific songs during specific times or at specific events in one’s life. Host David Peine takes you on a musical tour through childhood memories underscored by artists such as The Partridge Family, The Carpenters and Bruce Springsteen.