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Interview with Vienna Teng and an in-studio visit from Jillian Rae!

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Paddy O'Brien hails from Castlebarnagh in Co. Offaly, Ireland where he spent his formative years among characters he lovingly describes in his recent memoir "The Road from Castlebarnagh."
Paddy came by the studio on December 2nd to talk about his music, his writing, and his Tune Collection Project now going into its third volume.
Check Paddy's website.
Longevity Prescription

Is 80 the new 50? It is when you compare Americans’ average life expectancy today — about 78 — with what it was a century ago, when the average American lived to about 50.

In “The Longevity Prescription,” Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Butler says that this three-decade dividend, as he calls it, doesn’t have to be lived out in declining health as many assume.

Common ailments such as heart disease, arthritis and lung problems are arriving a full decade later than they did 100 years ago. This suggests that we have it within our power to increase the chances of staying healthy longer

David Cummings sits in with some Old Time Radio, especially episodes of Superman and an interview with Jerry Siegel, Superman’s creator.

Sistahs Who Rock The Beat -1&2
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