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Had a long awaited radio interview with harmonica man Curtis Blake to promote his upcoming gig with Greasy Gravy at McCarron's Pub in St. Paul on December 13th, 2014. My band, "Lady J Griot & Her Root Doctors" will be the opening act for this event. Showtime 7:00pm on Saturday night December 13th, 2014. As Curtis said during the interview: "two great bands with two great names".  So, you'll be able to get greasy and magical all on the same night.

Conversation with country talent Breanne Marie & live music from Molly Dean!

Certified International Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

“A healer in every family and a world without pain.”

Chunyi Lin is a certified international qigong master and the founder and creator of Spring Forest Qigong. His fluency in numerous Chinese dialects provided him the rare opportunity to study with many of the most respected qigong masters in his native China. He has been teaching qigong and using qigong techniques to help others for more than twenty-five years. Master Lin is also highly skilled in tai chi and Chinese herbal medicine.

He is the founder of Spring Forest Qigong, and coauthor of the #1 bestseller, Born A Healer. He is also coauthor with Dr. Nisha Manek of the Mayo Clinic of a chapter on Qigong in a medical school textbook, The Textbook of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Second Edition.

He is director of the Spring Forest Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA, where he works with people from all over the world. Helping them, empowering them, to overcome serious health challenges and return to optimal wellness

Feature PresentationCyber Bob and the Digital Nymph, from the Great Northern Audio Theatre.  Bob is the ultimate computer hacker, and he never uses two punch cards when only one is needed.  He's is hired to find the Cyber Goddess, the Digital Nymph.  He has a history with her, but he's dubious of the people who hire him. So he gathers his team and heads out on the digital deserts.