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5/28/2010 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
5/27/2010 Fresh Fruit

Host: Peter Gokey

Guests:Eric Blad, Ryan Adams, Ian Stark, Chuck Levine

Outdoors Adventure

5/27/2010 Art Matters
5/27/2010 Write On Radio!

This week, we talk with Yann Martel, internationally renowned author of Life of Pi, who has a new novel out – an allegory about the Holocaust called Beatrice and Virgil.

We also speak with former Minneapolis Tribune reporter and columnist Doug Grow about his new book We’re Gonna Win Twins!, a look at 50 years of baseball with Minnesota’s hometown team.

5/26/2010 Echo Chamber

Mixing it up as usual in the Echo Chamber with tons of new stuff… The new releases included material from Ganga (on the Nootempo label); Dr. Echo & the Defendants; the Dubbhism projects Baldhead Voodoo Plan and D.E.A.D.; Richard & I; Citizen Sound; Chico Trujillo (on Barbes); Isiah Mentor (from the “Dennis Brown Tribute – V.2”); the Black Exorcist; and two selections from the “Revolutionary Dub Vibrations Chap. 2” compilation.

5/25/2010 Disabled and Proud

Cesar Morales talks about the first blind fencing tournament.

5/24/2010 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture


5/24/2010 Listening Lounge


5/24/2010 Health Notes

Kinshasha talked with Dr. Leslie Vilansky and Dr. Betty Maloney about the short and long term consequences of Lyme Disease.


1 in 3 deer ticks carry Borrelia burgdoreferi (Bb), the bacterial cause of Lyme disease. These ticks may carry other bacteria and parasites (referred to as co-infections), which complicate the clinical picture.

Once thought to be found only in wooded areas, deer ticks have expanded their range and are now found across Minnesota, including the 7-county metro.

Lyme disease has increased 450% in the past 10 years. The state ranks 8th in the nation for reported cases; in 2008, 1,282 cases were reported to the CDC. Due to under-reporting, the CDC estimates that the actual number of surveillance cases is likely to be 10 times more, meaning MN probably had over 12,800 cases in 2008.