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7/5/2010 Health Notes

A Pathway To Higher Energy Levels, A Way of Being and Revolutionary Healthcare

The fourth of July is a celebration of a nation that was formed on radical and revolutionary ideas. This thinking and way of being has catapulted America to greatness.

A change in health care and our way of thinking and acting is more important now than ever, given the economy and our environment. People are stressed and so it is more important than ever for people to be well adjusted, able to work longer and harder due to more demand in our work place, focused enough to deal with constraint and to show and appreciate love to those around us. We are a nation of individuals and that is what is promised in the constitution and what makes America great but we can not come together if we cannot work together and that places a higher demand on our ability to have mental clarity and focus.

Being healthy saves the world money, health care costs are through the roof. It will be interesting to see where the administration is taking us but don’t leave it to them.

Take your health and your life into your own hands. You have control of your health, how is that for revolution? Health is due to conscious health decisions not coincidence.

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A celebration of Norman Corwin’s 100th birthday. The Odyssey of Runyon Jones, from the Midwest Radio Theater Workshop, and excerpts from We Hold These Truths, celebrating the Bill of Rights.

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Maryanne’s Music Show
Host Maryanne Riley plays her favorite modern pop, dance and indie music.

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Dixie Leigh Discuss the progam time change for Fresh Fruit now on from 7-8pm on Thursday