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6/24/2010 Art Matters
6/24/2010 Write On Radio!

Mary Lethert Wingerd joins us to discuss her much talked-about book, North Country: The Making of Minnesota, described as a cornerstone text in the chronicle of Minnesota’s history.

Julie Kramer also joins us to talk about her newest mystery, Silencing Sam, the latest in her Twin Cities-based Riley Spartz series which includes Missing Mark and Stalking Susan.

June 24th is our last Thursday show! Beginning on July 6th, we move to Tuesdays from 7 to 8 p.m.—prime time!

6/23/2010 Echo Chamber

What a worldwide, World Cup kind of program tonight! With 3 tracks connected to South Africa (including one by the legendary Hugh Masekela), along with Russia’s ElectroDubCompany, some Chinese Dub (courtesy of his Wobble-ness), and Fat Freddy’s Drop from Australia, it was a heavy trip around the planet.

6/22/2010 Disabled and Proud
6/21/2010 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture

In-studio Guest: Pagnia Xiong

6/21/2010 Listening Lounge

Saving Jungle Souls + Horrible Deaths (Homeland Productions + Memory Palace)

6/21/2010 Health Notes

The War on Salt – When Is It Time to Shake The Habit?

The FDA has been urged to take action in decreasing the amount of salt in our food. Americans continue to consume much more than the recommended amount which has lead to salt intake becoming the most preventable reason for high blood pressure (HBP).

According to Dr. Chad Rhoden, “public leaders do have the social responsibility to increase health initiatives to reduce sodium consumption in the US since the evidence is clear.”

Kinshasha talked with Dr. Rhoden, a leading authority on disease prevention and a heart expert who is determined to help Americans break their salt addiction, Dr. Rhoden (author of Bringing Down High Blood Pressure) feels that the “awareness of the health risk related to sodium consumption today is analogous to the awareness seen in recent decades regarding smoking/tobacco use.”

6/20/2010 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
6/20/2010 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Power: Life on the Edge in L.A., conclusion. By Proctor and Bergman.
Several silly short subjects on the topic of Radio.