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7/21/2010 MinneCulture

This week on MinneCulture, Andy Driscoll takes an in-depth look at Penumbra Theatre—celebrating its 34th anniversary as the only Twin Cities theatre producing plays by, of and for the African-American community.

7/21/2010 Art Matters
7/21/2010 Listening Lounge

Moon Graffiti (The Truth)

7/21/2010 Echo Chamber

Tonight we blasted off into space on a summer “Lunar Lunatics” special…commemorating the first moon landing 7/20/1969. This part of the show was planned. What wasn’t planned until days before was that we would also be doing a tribute to the late Lincoln “Sugar” Minott. Sadly, Sugar passed away at the young age of 54 on July 10th. This dubwise trip to the moon, and the far reaches of space is dedicated to the memory of the great Sugar Minott.

7/20/2010 Write On Radio!

On Tuesday, July 20th, Lyda Morehouse joins us to talk about her newest Tate Hallaway paranormal romance, Honeymoon of the Dead. And we talk about her new young adult novel Almost to Die For.

We also talk with former CIA operative turned bestselling novelist Barry Eisler about his newest thriller Inside Out, as well as torture and civil rights.

7/19/2010 MinneCulture

Producer Diane Richard takes us backstage of The Ladysmith Story—a new opera by Gerald Brad Bradshaw that tells the story of Ladysmith, Wisc.

7/19/2010 Health Notes

How I Used Essential Oils through Pregnancy, Birth and with my New Baby

I have used essential oils for over ten years when I became pregnant with Olivia.

The pregnancy had some challenges and I was able to use essential oils to improve our situation.

During Olivia’s birth I used several essential oils which I believe helped make her birth go quickly and relatively smoothly. Olivia is now 14 months old and we have used essential oils on her from her first day born.

After reading so many stories about other women’s experiences with stalled labor, with being labeled ‘failure to progress’ and with their birthing need to turn to pitocin, epidurals and c-sections, I feel compelled to share my story and share what I know about the power of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
What if it’s possible to have shorter labors? More efficient labors? Peaceful, relaxing births?

Hear why it is important to know your essential oils supplier if you desire health changes from essential oil use. I will talk about my pregnancy, which oils I used and how, plus products that we have successfully used now that Olivia is here.

Contact Cheryl: 612-353-8671

7/18/2010 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC