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Another brilliant installment of Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening

First show of 2015…and it was filled with new music. Brand new selections from Ondubground (from the “Vaticaen Box – V.2” on ODG), Capital Letters (from the new “Wolverhampton” on Sugar Shack), Taiwan MC, Grant Phabao & Horace Andy, Du3normal & Jennifer Paulos, Adam Prescott (ft. Luciano), Black Symbol, Black Roots, and Leah Rosier. More great dubwise filled the show from the likes of Dub Gabriel (ft. PJ Higgins), Dubor & the Duborians, Ras Takura (from his new “Food war” album), Doozer Dubby Doo, Sly & Robbie, Svaha Soundsystem, DJ Vadim presents The Electric, Lee Scratch Perry, The Crystalites, Little Tempo, Dry & Heavy, Kid Creole & the Coconuts, and more…

We speak with Lee Henschel Jr. about his new novel The Sailing Master – Book One: Coming of Age. His work has appeared in a wide range of magazines and periodicals, and he is the author of Short Stories of Vietnam and the novel Deja Nam.

Had a great interview today with Ronnie Baker Brooks who is heading to the Twin Cities to play at the Minnesota Music Cafe on Friday January 9th at 9pm. To support the interview, I played music today from musicians considered by many to be blues royalty, and the family members that are coming up behind them.


Top Picks of 2014 as voted by KFAI listeners, local critics, DJs and your favorite artists!

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