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8/3/2010 Write On Radio!

Adam Langer talks about his newest novel, Thieves of Manhattan, a comedic tour de force that examines the memoir industry.

In the second half of our show, we talk with members of the St. Paul Soap Boxing Slam Team about their bid to capture the National Poetry Slam Championship, taking place in St. Paul August 3-7. Shane Hawley, Khary Jackson (aka 6 is 9), Kyle “Guante” Myhre, Sam Cook, Michael Mlekoday, and Matthew Rucker.

8/2/2010 MinneCulture

In Da Tradition: A Brief History of Spoken Word in Minnesota/Part 1
Produced by e.g. Bailey & Sha Cage

8/2/2010 Health Notes

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Kathy Joy

Toxins are stored in fat tissue. Lymph detox treatments facilitate your body in gently releasing these toxins without any debilitating symptoms. This is a very gentle detox to the entire system.

The benefits of lymphatic detox treatments are numerous and varied because each person describes such a deeply individual and personal experience.

Kinshasha will be talking with Kathy Joy about this important self healing therapy.

Although Kathy worked in retail for many years, her passion is studying health and personal development. Through divine intervention and guidance she learned lymphatic detoxification massage and has served her clients in this capacity since 1996.

Kathy studied Qi Gong with Master Chunyi Lin and Master Eddie Tong. She has recently become a certified instructor for Spring Forest Qi Gong level 1. She is certified in deep tissue massage by Ted Looyen of the Looyenwork Institute. Certified in bio-electrical massage by Michelle Meyer of BioHarmonic Health.

Kathy’s active participation in – and commitment to – self-development has brought her into direct contact with industry pioneers including Zig Ziegler, Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, James Ray, Don Miguel Ruiz, Anthony Robbins, Eric Oliver and Dave Dobson(NLP)

Kathy is constantly learning and freely shares new discoveries with her clients

Kathy Joy – 612-272-8332 –

8/1/2010 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
8/1/2010 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

The first story in the new series, A Steampunk State of Mind from ZBS. It’s Lady Windermere’s Brass Fantabulous.
And a few short subjects about too much alcohol.

8/1/2010 Filipino American National News
8/1/2010 Wave Project

Rocky’s Revolution Radio
Host Rekel Garcia plays her favorite music

7/30/2010 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture
7/30/2010 Radio Antilles
7/29/2010 Fresh Fruit

Host: Dixie Treichel

Guests: Sheila Regan, Dana Munson, William Panzarella

Artery Twentyten, High Heel Dash