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8/11/2010 Art Matters
8/11/2010 Listening Lounge
8/11/2010 Echo Chamber

Tons of new stuff – by the likes of Bandulu Dub, Eric Blowtorch & Prince Jazzbo, Peak, Four Tet, and Basque Dub Foundation; an eclectic “Happy Birthday” mix for my daughter; and a new mix from Liquid Stranger (courtesy of our pal Terry C. of “Echo Beach” at WLUW-FM).

8/10/2010 Write On Radio!

On Tuesday, August 10th, Amy Salloway joins us to talk about her newest Fringe Festival show, Entwined, which makes the case that behind every failed relationship…there’s at least one really good yarn. Amy Salloway is also the creator of So Kiss Me Already, Herschel Gertz! and Circumference.

We also talk with Alex Kava about the eighth book in her thriller series featuring FBI special agent Maggie O’Dell, Damaged.

8/9/2010 MinneCulture

A history of the Soudan Underground Mine, located on the Iron Range of Minnesota

8/9/2010 Health Notes

Wellness Coach and Clinical Sports Massage Practitioner Jon Thompson

Jon Thomson got started in alternative medicine and natural therapies in 1995 through nutrition and dealing with Asthma.

That was a turning point for Jon and how he thought about health. Jon started having trouble with shoulder dislocations in 1999. He had 9 dislocations of his right shoulder from 1999-2006.

After Jon’s 3rd dislocation he went to a chiropractor for the first time which introduced him to bodywork.

Over the next few years Jon saw several different practitioners some good and some not so good.

In 2005 Jon met Rick Johnson (sports and Clinical Massage) of the Healing Arts Center in Prior Lake. Rick had a very different approach to bodywork then anything else he had experienced.

Jon began training under Rick in Oct, 2006 and has been working with clients ever since.

Jon Thompson started training people along with Rick in 2007 and became a certified trainer. He have been teaching the techniques on my own since 2008.

Jon is committed to teaching this important therapeutic massage technique to everyone especially people who are experiencing chronic pain.

8/8/2010 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
8/8/2010 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

The conclusion of Lady Windermere’s Brass Fantabulous, the first story in the new ZBS series A Steampunk State of Mind. Lady Windermere has a recording device inside her brass bustle, so it records events happening behind her. And her recordings are setting the record straight as to the events leading up to “The Not-So-Great War.”
And the first episode of “The Mis-Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, in which Holmes moves in with Dr. Watson.

8/8/2010 Filipino American National News
8/8/2010 Wave Project

Rock en Espanol
Spanish Latin rock music, which appeals to many tastes and encompasses a variety of styles, is presented by Raul Escobar.