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This show, Romain and Angela started, then Frederic came back from the Alliance Francaise. The main Theme was the Moms (ou les Mamans). As it will be Sunday 5/13/2018 in the US.

On May 8th, Paul talks with Kristin Hannah about her most recent novel The Great Alone. The novel, an epic love story and intimate family drama set in Alaska in the turbulent 1970's is a daring, stay-up-all-night story about love and loss, the fight for survival and the wildness that lives in both nature and man.

Mother's Day Special

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My guest today was Renee Austin who's back on the scene after a 13 year hiatus due to a serious surgery that paralyzed her vocal chords. She's back with a new CD called "Songbirds & Angels" that pays tribute to her Higher Power that lifted her up and carried her through the tough times and is now elevating her once again. Catch her Saturday May 12th at Crooners in NE Mpls with a 730pm start time.

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Vitamin N (for “nature”) is a complete prescription for connecting with the power and joy of the natural world right now, with 500 activities for children and adults Dozens of inspiring and thought-provoking essays Scores of informational websites Down-to-earth advice In his landmark work Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv was the first to bring widespread attention to the alienation of children from the natural world, coining the term nature-deficit disorder and outlining the benefits of a strong nature connection—from boosting mental acuity and creativity to reducing obesity and depression, from promoting health and wellness to simply having fun.

Draculer, R.F.D.

Jonathan Harker, paranormal journalist, finds himself investigating rumors of a vampire in a small southern town, ruled over by a sheriff with a Transylvanian accent. Note similarities to a TV small town along the way.

Written by MJ Wilson, directed by William Dufris, and comes to us from AudioComics via the Pocket Universe Podcast