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By Carrie Swiggum

We speak with Meg Matich about Cold Moons, a poetry collection by Magnus Sigurdsson, which she translated. She is a poet and translator, and a recent recipient of the PEN/Heim Translation grant. Magnus Sigurdsson is an Icelandic poet who, in this collection, pays rare attention to the minute revelations of nature.

Long songs & a conversation with Rita Hosking!

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**Womenfolk Theme Song

Today's show was dedicated to the guitar players of the blues, plus an interview with community radio VJ Trahern Crews from WFNU-FM@94.1, a low power radio station located in the Frogtown area of St. Paul, Minnesota. Look for the interview at 3:15pm on October 10, 2017.

Opening with a Ukrainian group in a distinctive eclectic blend. Then jumping to Rio de Janeiro for a couple tracks from Mart'Nalia DaVila, then on to the northeast state of Bahia, featuring Olodum.  From there a flashback from a recent live studio visit from Afro-Venzuelan ensemble Betsayda Machado & El Parranda de El Clavo.

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