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Cl. L. Moore's first Northwest Smith story from 1933.  On Mars, smuggler Northwest Smith saves a girl from a drunken crowd, who calls her a Shambleau.  He takes her with him, but only later discovers that Shambleau feeds on the life-force of others.  Fortunately for Smith his Venusian patner Yarol comes looking for him, and he knows what a Shambleau is.  Directed by Yuri Rasovski for the 2000X series.

Light of Other Days

A dose of bluegrass this show on the Progressive Bluegrass Hour with Zach Tauer. Get in the mood for festival season by checking it out!

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As Donald TRump takes up all media attention, his VP Mike Pence is ignored—when Pence is a right-wing religious extremist. MARIA-ALANA CASTLE, Communictions Director of ATHEISTS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS de-constructs "religous liberty" as a marketing term for the most extreme version of  religion imposed through law.