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Cerebus the Aardvark comics

Issue #4 – Death's Dark Tread

Issue #5 – The Terror of Bran Mak Mufin

Issue #6 – The Secret

Number 6 was recorded live at Minicon 19 in 1983, with Dave Sim sitting in the front row. 

This week we discussed the Vikings win, the upcoming FMA Debutante's Ball, older cultural "traditions" that may be sexist today, and how community organizations can reach the 30-something and under demographic.

Episode 71 – Darth Riffeous and the Metal Evangelist are joined in the studio by Antiverse.

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Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq drag on (16+years) while the U.S. has added more countries to the "war on terrorism"(Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and Libya). Now, Trump Administration adds  a potential nuclear show-down with North Korea and threatens to end the successful nuclear deal with Iran. Twin Cities peace activists bring perspectives to these issues that corporate media censor.