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No talk (well, not much) just Music from Colm O'Donnell, The Masterless Men, Brian Miller, The Bothy Band, The Cassidys, The US Navy Band, and Solas.

With a mix of old and new, SynthWaves brings the 80s back to the Twin Cities airwaves like no other! From The Northern Lights, Satori In Bed, Teddy Mike and F.U.B.A.R to Annie Lennox, Paul Pesco, Tim Feehan and much more.  The 80s LIVE here every Sunday Night 10:30-Midnight.  

In The Embers, Act 2

Archaeologist Digger Morgan finds voices embedded in the charcoal of a burned out barn and tries to find out who they were and how they got there. Soon he hears the voice of 20s jazz singer Kit Jeffers talking to him out of his computer.  Science Fiction, jazz music, and physics combine to make an intriguing story.  Featuring Robin Miles and Edwin Strout, with KFAI's own Jacquie Maddix and Dean Johnson. 

Nancy and Coco Present a Fantastic Holiday Mix

From the Ray Conniff Singers to Ella Fitzgerald to Shonen Knife, Nancy and Coco go beyond the Josh Groban and TSO holidays we might otherwise have. Check out the playlist and enjoy!