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6/16/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host: Pablo Miranda & Raul Escobar
News Host: Xan Holston
Producer / Engineer: Terry Carter

6/15/2014 Verbal Graffiti Radio
6/15/2014 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

The conclusion of Tread Softly BIll Lizard, where Bill gets out of the dimension he was in, and into who knows where. And Time Out For Bill Lizard, the original story of how Bill acquired the phone that acts as a gateway between dimensions. From Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.

6/15/2014 Filipino American National News
6/15/2014: Father's Day Special

With Anthony Tunstall.

6/14/2014 Soul Tools Radio
6/13/2014 HmongFM
6/13/2014 Groovin Plenty

Welcome World Cup and world music lovers to this Friday the 13th edition of Groovin Plenty. Cool set of Brazillian Music in honor all the football going on southbound in the second 1/2 of hour one. Top of hour 2 finds a moon songs set with a cool cover of “Moonshadow “ by Labelle, the Black Ghosts “Full Moon”
and Thin Lizzy’s “Dancing in the Moonlight”. Lynval “Golden Voice” Jackson of Carribean Jam called in to talk about The Jamaican MN Organization boat ride going down on Sat 6 21 14 Pablo of Latino Alt Rock gave us a World Cup Update too all in second 1/2 of hour 2.

6/13/2014 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
6/13/2014 The Morning Blend

Producer: Yvette Howie
News Host: Rico Morales
Music Host: Dale Connelly