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We speak with Anne Margaret Daniel about I’d Die for You: And Other Lost Stories, a collection of the last complete unpublished short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Anne Margaret Daniel teaches literature at the New School University in New York City. She has published widely on Fitzgerald and on Modernism since 1996.

Had an in studio interview with harmonica player, Pat Hayes, co-founder of the Lamont Cranston Blues Band. The band is about to undergo a transformation with the incorporation of Johnny O & The Filet of Soul Blues Band. And their first event together as a new sound will be this coming Sunday June 25 at "Manna for Malawi" a fundraiser in Kaynuga Minnesota. For more schedule information go to:


Celebrating Pride, Gillian Welch and the resilience of our Twin Cities community

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**Womenfolk Theme Song

Recent releases from Irish trad musicians on both sides of the pond.