Arts & Culture

Its a pledge drive show but the music doesn't stop! Tunes from Neon Talk, Format 440, SelloRekT LA Dreams, Casio Social Club and more! Support KFAI here and be sure you mention youre supporting SynthWaves! 

Science Fiction Short Subjects

Short audio plays and a few sci-fi songs that show another side to the galaxy of science fiction fare that's out there.  And it's the station's Membership Drive, so I invite you to invest in an alternative voice in the media.  It's the kind of things you don't hear anywhere else on the radio dial.  Please consider making a donation at, and be sure to mention Sound Affects as your favorite show, okay?

More Love Songs with Bruce and Lisa

We love it when Bruce and Lisa come by the studio on a Sunday! They always bring great music and this special member drive edition was no exception. Thank you for the love songs for a time to give community radio love, and a big thanks to Mike, Cynthia and Rob for calling 612-375-9030 and supporting!


In-studio guest: 2017 USA National Miss Jr. Princess Lilah Lee 

We spent the first half of HmongFM with 6 year old Lilah Lee and learned about her big dreams to "be a role model for young girls".