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on the eve of "All Hallows Eve" the music is not quite as terrifying as you would think! however the show kicks off with Sunglasses Kid' killer new track, "Wolf Pack".  Other music includes, Abelard, TV Players, Cobra Copter, Firt Impressions, Tim Feehan, Giant Steps and more. Let the graveyard boogie commence!

Wooden Overcoats, Episode 6 – Georgina and the Waves

A drunken lighthouse keeper pits Rudyard and Eric Chapman against each other in the strangest contest of their lives.  Created and Written by David K. Barnes. 

The Wooden Overcoats series has eight episodes in the first season.  The second season has begun and can be found at

Fears for Ears – The Rug

An hour devoted to one of the most influencial DJs ever, Robert Smith, AKA Wolfman Jack!  With Airchecks, songs, and whatever else comes up!

We talked with members from the Street Stops and Mountain Tops project: 

Street Stops and Mountain Tops uses the arts to inform, enrich, and empower Hmong students’ lives around the world.

You may have to listen to the archives to hear more of what was played. We still have not been able to list the tunes after they go into the system. The tunes below are the ones I played from physical CDs. Sorry for that but we are trying to to correct the situation.