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Dòrain (do-RINE rhymes with "mine"), a folk band from the Twin Cities playing traditional Scottish and Irish music, particularly songs featuring three-part harmonies. The band sings in English and Scottish Gallic.  The name is an Anglicization of the Gallic word dòbhrain, which means “otters”. 

Dòrain is Cara Weggler, Alexander Dove Lempke, and Iain Dove Lempke.

Turning up the Heat on the Twin Cities airwaves featuring music from Dave Koz, Paul Hertzog, Action Jackson, Miranda Carey and an exclusive from the forthcoming album of Russian based musician Mr Pteez (ft Curlyrock) – track called "Found you in 86" . check out his first release Radio Vice here and his soundcloud and epic turntable skills here

Even the Queen

Connie Willis' Hugo Award winning story from 1992, directed by Yuri Rasovski for the 2000X series.  It's a conversation among female members of a family, with one young woman who has gone and joined the cyclists.  No, it has nothing to do with personal vehicles, it's more about certain cycles that are peculiar to women.  

War of the Cotswolds

At Standing Rock: Behind the Scenes of a Powerful Prayer Camp

Producers Deborah McLaren and Rachel Yang bring you interviews with people who work behind the extremely well-coordinated camps and those who have been protecting water for a long time. You'll hear from artists, clergy, interested citizens and activists – Native and non-Native alike. They share what united the people interviewed and where the #NODAPL movement stands as of mid-January 2017. Special thanks to Ryan Dawes for editing and hosting, and musician Pura Fay for the music.