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6/24/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host / Engineer: Jean Silverberg
News Host: Ryan Dawes
Producer: Ron Thums

6/23/2014 Malarkey-Radio with an Irish Accent

Michael Gibbons and Mike Wiley tell us about the 2014 Irish Fair of Minnesota which will be held on

6/23/2014 Health Notes

Encyclopedia Paranoiaca

Did you know that carrots cause blindness and bananas are radioactive? That too many candlelight dinners can cause cancer? And not only is bottled water a veritable petri dish of biohazards (so is tap water, by the way) but riding a bicycle might destroy your sex life?

In Encyclopedia Paranoiaca, master satirists Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf have assembled an authoritative, disturbingly comprehensive, and utterly debilitating inventory of things poised to harm, maim, or kill you—all of them based on actual research about the perils of everyday life. Painstakingly alphabetized, cross-referenced, and thoroughly sourced for easy reference, this book just might save your life. (Apologies in advance if it doesn’t.) Beard and Cerf cite convincing evidence that everyday things we consider healthy—eating leafy greens, flossing, washing our hands—are actually harmful, and items we thought were innocuous— drinking straws, flip-flops, neckties, skinny jeans— pose life-threatening dangers. Did you know that nearly ten thousand people are sent to the emergency room each year because of escalator accidents, and, despite what you’ve heard, farmers’ markets may actually be less safe than grocery stores? And if you’re crossing your legs right now, you’re definitely at serious risk.

Hilarious, insightful, and, at times, downright terrifying, Encyclopedia Paranoiaca brings to light a whole host of hidden threats and looming dooms that make asteroid impacts, planetary pandemics, and global warming look like a walk in the park (which is also emphatically not recommended).

6/23/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host / Engineer: Cory Washington
News Host: Trisha Collopy
Producer: Xan Holston
Editors: Rico Morales, Robert Easley

6/22/2014 Verbal Graffiti Radio
6/22/2014 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

A pair from the Great Northern Audio Theatre, including Villains on Parade, the Mark Time Radio Show from 2010, and High Moon, a short subject with the Big Showdown you’ve heard so much about.

6/22/2014 Filipino American National News
6/22/2014: The Yolk's on You - Raising Chickens in the City

With Mordechai & Jane Hershtein

6/21/2014 Soul Tools Radio
6/20/2014 HmongFM