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Aliza Olenick will be talking about the product Orcam.  A wearable camera that helps the visually impaired and blind read labels, see street signs and facial recognition.


This week Kristina samples tangos, tanguillos and tientos from those CDs fresh back from Spain to create a cheery spring show!

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Episode 30 – Elusive Congregation of Disciples

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Hail! Hail! The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll

I have a mixup – for you to decode.  Today's playlist is actually the list from a week earlier.  If you found yourself here — you can find the Global Beat playlist for March 29 at the previous listing for March 22.  That's where I have placed 'THIS' week's listing.  So sorry.

We speak with artist and author Brandon Graham about his novels Good for Nothing and Missing People. His first short story was published in Pleiades in 1990, and he has published poems and prose in literary journal.